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var theDate = new Date(); Cambodia cambodia eurocham , $(document).ready(function () { A total of 3,826,433 tonnes, or 94.7 per cent, were exported, particularly milled rice, paddy, fresh cassava, cassava chips and tapioca starch, which saw significant increases in export volume. PHNOM PENH (The Phnom Penh Post/Asia News Network): The government has identified three target provinces in which to develop Agri-Food Industrial Parks, with industry experts urging the elevation of the initiative to special economic zone (SEZ) equivalent status, so as to promote agricultural production in Cambodia. {{item['V2 Header']}}, We would love to keep you posted on the latest promotion. In Q1 2021, Cambodian authorities reported a rise in rubber exports compared to 2020, while milled rice exports were down. The six most profitable agro-exports in Cambodia were valued at $2.32 billion and are: Cambodian exports to the United States increased by 40 per cent in 2020 and reached $5.36 billion however agricultural products were not high on the list. Will Cambodia legalise and embrace Crypto after SERC & Binance MoU? The Coordinating Committee for the Study and Development of Agri-Food Industrial Parks in Cambodia held its third meeting on April 28, during which three provinces were selected for the establishment of the industrial zones. Prime Minister Lauds China's Key Role In Development Of Cambodia, Cellcard Awarded Cambodias Fastest Mobile Network At Mobile World Congress 2018, WTO Trade Pact Poised To Boost Cambodian Exports. According to a Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries report, 4,040,704 tonnes of agricultural goods were produced in Cambodia in the first four months of 2022, a 5.6 per cent year-on-year increase. antenna eurocham Veng Sakhon, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said the The Cambodian Agro-Industry Coalition, chaired by Ly Yong Phat, has been preparing a draft to establish and officially launch in the near future with the strong support of Prime Minister Hun Sen. Such factories would boost exports, job creation and market access for farmers, he said. {{item['V1 Body']}} If good quality Agri-Food Industrial Parks are to be built, there must be government support, especially to create low-cost electricity infrastructure. Cambodian Agro-Industry Federation to be Formed, Marketing, Media & Advertising in Cambodia, Business Chambers & Associations in Cambodia, What You Need To Know About The Cambodia My 2nd Home, EXPO 2022 Generates $30 Million in Property Sales. - PPP. It is imperative that the private sector be involved, with further discussions to be had on seeking credit from state-owned or partner commercial banks, he said. In attendance at the meeting were representatives from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, agriculture industry associations and private companies. Star Media Group Berhad (10894D), {{item['V1 Header']}} We will submit the decision to the national level [for the government] to decide in principle before we can establish a policy framework, or any mechanism to encourage the private sector to participate in this work. Please re-try again. Heng noted that the next phase would be policy formulation and promotion of private sector participation in the development of the parks. According to a Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries report, 4,040,704 tonnes of agricultural goods were produced in Cambodia in the first four months of 2022, a 5.6 per cent year-on-year increase. }) $('#spanCopyright').text(theDate.getFullYear()) Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Only if there is something like this that makes these parks stand out from other such initiatives will companies be attracted to setting up in the parks, he said. Sophal said that the CPS has been studying closely different types of enterprises infrastructural needs within the Agri-Food Industrial Parks, so as to avoid the issue of vacant factories. What You Need To Know About The Cambodia My 2nd Home Vietnamese MB Plans to Enter Crowded Commercial Banking Sector in Cambodia, KVL Hotel Set to Open in Phnom Penh in August 2022, Swire Coca-Cola Limited Plans to Buy Coca-Cola Indochina. agriculture However, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) suggests that Cambodia represents an attractive opportunity for agricultural producers based in the United States reported the Khmer Times. Heng noted that government ministries have been accelerating the work to establish the parks, as the expansion of agricultural land in Cambodia has meant the output of agricultural products is increasing by the day. You have entered an incorrect email address! Cambodia Chamber of Commerce (CCC) vice-president Lim Heng, who attended the meeting, offered that the parks must adopt the characteristics of SEZs especially through establishing regional factories in order to encourage private sector businesses to invest. Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) director Chan Sophal observed that investing in such parks requires significant capital, which means that companies will want to carefully analyse the costs before deciding to invest. Kindly fill the form below. He described Agri-Food Industrial Parks as a likely solution to several longstanding issues that have been plaguing the agricultural sector, including high transport and electricity costs, as well as the illegal import of goods into the country. Invalid captcha response. New Blood Bank Looks To Stock Up For National Needs, Work Permits And Employment Cards For Foreigners In Cambodia, Major Cineplex Group Aims for Cashless Payments by 2022, Cambodian Property Market Real Estate Survey 2021, Inside Construction: A Master Plan For Phnom Penh. The Agri-Food Industrial Park is an initiative by the Supreme National Economic Council, the finance ministry and the Cambodia-Australia Agricultural Value Chain (CAVAC) programme to help expand export markets for Cambodian agricultural products. , The World Bank also predicted Cambodia would rebound to 4 per cent growth in 2021 with the key drivers being agricultural exports and the resumption of construction projects. park, Copyright 1995- They are Battambang, Kampong Speu and Kampong Thom. A Cambodian Agro-Industry Federation is set to be established with the process underway to form the body which will be tasked with boosting the Kingdoms agricultural sector. The formation of the Agro-Industry Federation will also seek to boost the increase in the exports of the nations agriculture-related products. They discussed key findings of value chain and mapping studies, as well as the regulatory challenges of developing such parks in a Cambodian context. The Federation will be chaired by Ly Yong Phat, owner of the Ly Yong Phat Group. Where is Cambodia spending its money online?

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