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A3 31 Jointer-Planer Combo Machine review from FWW #190 (April 2007)by Roland Johnson. FELDER. The Hammer line also has other sizes of jointer-planer machines if you dont need a 16-inch jointer. If you want to come and take look I am in Pittsboro. My jointer and planer progression is as follows: 6" Jet jointer and bench top planer, then a 12" Parks planer. Any product claim about a service or product should be verified with the manufacturer. Minimax 16 J/P FS41CX : Longer bed at ~70. The Hammer model is plenty suitable for any smaller professional or hobbyist woodworking shop. Hammer- Quality and precision from AUSTRIA,a risk-free decision, 503-134 | for Hammer A3 26, A3 31, A3 41 (from year 09/2011), B3 basic, B3 winner, B3 perform, K3 basic, K3 winner, K3 perform, F3, Suitable for Hammer Planer-Thicknesser A3 31, Hammer Planer-Thicknesser, A3 41 (from year of construction 11), Hammer Saw-shaper B3, Hammer Circular saw K3, Hammer shaper F3, Coupling for mounting table extensions on Hammer machines in a flash, High-quality system handwheel for angle adjustment on Felder and Hammer machines, 01.1.202 | for thickness height indication, mortising height Felder FD 250 | Display in mm, High-precision digital clock to be mounted on system handwheels, Lifting bar to relocate your Hammer machines quick and easy, For precise slot and dowel drilling work on Hammer / Felder machines, Two-jaw drill chuck with a clamping range of 0 - 16 mm. This is what I got from my Grizzly thickness planer, no matter how much time I spent tuning up the machines tables: Snipe is a major pain that either causes me to wastefully cut 3-inches off of each end of the board, or have to move back to the jointer to resurface each sniped face. Leaves a smooth finish ready for some 150 grit on the random orbit sander. Went to a 12" jointer/planer of Asian origin. Mine has the dial indicator accessory for the planer handwheel. Accessories for Sanding Machines, Workshop Equipment So thats my review of my new Felder AD 941 jointer-planer machine. Using maple, white oak, and cherry, I face-jointed and edge-jointed long, wide boards without difficulty, and planed boards with no snipe. 877-590-TOOL (8665) Pricing on this web site currently is not guaranteed because of the current market conditions using the allocation process where pricing is not guaranteed from our supply chain , Please call for current day pricing on all items . Things that I am looking at is the HP, spiral cuter head, table length, you know the important stuff. Curious to know what your setup is and if youve run into temperature issues. Nick a knife and it is an easy fix to just rotate the offending insert to one of the 4 good sides. I think it is time to upgrade.. Most high quality planers, whether they are combo machines or stand alone ones, have the capability to lock the planer bed. He lives on a small farm in Earlysville, Virginia with his wife and four children, and builds furniture and teaches woodworking classes in his workshop.

At 33-5/8 in., theyre 2 in. Some people look for things to complain about. These payments are very helpful to us, and add no additional fees to our users, so we are grateful for anyone who uses the affiliate links. It has the Silent Power cutting head which is Felder/Hammer's version of a segmented cutting head. Its a fantastic upgrade. qnine 0ah 21v rm350 The Otto Mayer machine factory has been producing panel-sizing and pressure beam saws for Planer-Thicknessers/ Planers/Thicknessers, Counter Profile and Panel Raising Cutters, Accessories for Air Filter Dust Extractors, Solid cast iron tables that assure accuracy for jointing and planing, Machine handling elements in top ergonomic design, like with the jointer table adjusting system, facilitate every-day use, Flawless - sensational constant, smooth planing finish with theSilent-Power spirial knife cutterblock, The jointer fence guides your work-piece accurately and tilts from 90-45, Solid cast iron jointer and planer tables, Quality and precision that will last many, many years, HammerJointer-Planer A3 41incl. Wood, your hand tools, you and a little know-how. I believe i can make the space work out. These combo machines dont sacrifice performance, and they dont command a steep premium. I have the Hammer and it has been fantastic. I jumped on it and it has been one of the best machine buys Ive made. My issue is that I am not too familiar with the brands, so Im looking for some advice from those of you who are well versed or experienced than I am to give me an idea of which one would be a good choice. Home / Blog / Power Tool Woodworking / My Monster 16-inch Felder Jointer Planer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8e1PvTaFLk. Eyes, ears, fingers, and Are you looking for or do you have tips to share regarding the workshop? Start your 14-day FREE trial - and get building! Good afternoon. I missed out on a Laguna Combo Planer/joiner. 2nd caller ..it was 800.00 bucks. This forum is for all the woodturners out there. The Felder came in a perfect time, right at the height of the pandemic when my school had to be closed and I turned into a hermit, pretty much. The Silent-Power cutter heads with the carbide blade inserts appear to be the highest quality, and can be easily turned or changed out if you chip one. His complaint about the height adjustment locking mechanism is trivial. The 4 column table support is what gives stability to the planers table (see illustration above). And it takes up less space. Woodworking is just a hobby so it doesn't get constant use but it's been a great machine for me. I would really look at other brands instead of thee Powermatic. 2022 Verticalscope Inc. All Rights Reserved. Thank you for the response My shop is 24 x 28 at this time; however, I am hopeful to have something larger one day. I probably need to wait an hour or so before I respond to the video review cited by mdhills above, but Ill dive right in. Yes, its a bother, but the time to change my Hammer A3 31 from one configuration to the other is about a minute and a half a small price to pay for the capability to efficiently dress and dimension 12 rough-sawn stock in my small workshop. If you decide to go with the Hammer, I highly recommend this accessory. It makes repeatable thicknessing a breeze. beautiful results and very quiet. HammerJointer-Planer A3 41 -16" jointing and planing width for outstanding results that will impress even the most discerning woodworker! You can check out the current pricing for the Felder AD 941 here on the Felder website. Since 1997 Hammer has been producing high quality yet affordable woodworking machines for MAYER. Share your tips and challenges Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop! Questions and answers about CNC machines, tooling, best practices, and projects. You can see here how easy I can maneuver the jointer-planer around my shop. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. One time-consuming method I used was to remove the guard on my old 8-inch Grizzly jointer and joint enough of a face so I could then handplane down the high spot. Machine is okay for hobby use but can be bogged down if you take too big of a bite! The machine is a delight to use in either mode. Good afternoon. My Hammer A3 31 has the same mechanism. Become an UNLIMITED member and get it all: searchable online archive of every issue, how-to videos, Complete Illustrated Guide to Woodworking digital series, print magazine, e-newsletter, and more. Have you had to compromise your project On the lathe, by the lathe: do you have questions? As a historical furniture maker, I absolutely love woodworking with wide boards like many of the furniture maker of the past. How heavy is the lift for the tables? If you are ever in the eastern part of the state, let me know if you want a closer look. Note that he kept his lunchbox planer so that he wasnt dependent on switching configurations every time he needed planing, unless he needed the extra width. Our sales team will be happy to help with any questions you may have. Takes maybe 30-45 seconds to make the swap between machines. Steps 1-5 | Beginners Guide to Hand Tool Woodworking, Step 1: Understand & Buy the Right Woodworking Hand Tools, Step 2: Setup your Woodworking Workshop & Tool Storage, Step 3: Learn how to Refurbish, Tune & Sharpen Hand Tools, Step 4: Learn How to Use Woodworking Hand Tools, Step 5: Learn How to Design Furniture for Woodworking Projects, Steps 6-10 | Beginners Guide to Hand Tool Woodworking, Step 6: Learn How to Choose Stable, Strong & Beautiful Wood, Step 7: How to Make Wood Square, Flat, Straight & Smooth, Step 8: JOINERY: LEARN HOW TO LAYOUT & CUT JOINTS, Step 9: Learn How to Assemble, Fasten & Glue-up Woodworking Projects, Step 10: Learn How to Finish Woodworking Projects, current pricing for the Felder AD 941 here on the Felder website, Products for Wood Finishing, Sanding & Scraping, How to Choose Wood Lumber for Woodworking | 7 Easy Steps, How to Square, Flatten, and Dimension Rough Boards with Hand Tools, How to Make a Mortise and Tenon Joint with Woodworking Hand Tools, Privacy Policy, Rules, Terms & Conditions. My Grizzly machines were really difficult and awkward to move around, so I wasnt sure how a machine this heavy would do on a mobile base. Better machine with more capacity ? Latest Blog Entries | long jointer bed. Good catch though, I would have bought and wondered whats wrong after the fact. I seldom have issues with snipe. The slower feed rate should be a big advantage, but maybe not. The Powermatic IMHO is valuable if you are doing production work, otherwise it probably would be overkill. But the design is really different than on budget-model machines like my Grizzly machines. Changeover takes a little more than a minute and entails 75 turns of the crank to move the planer bed. Byrd Tool SHELIX Cutterhead for FELDER HAMMER 12" Jointer Planer Combo, Model A3-31. I have heard of this brand, but I dont see if the beds are extendible, no optional accessories @ ~ 7000 USD. Wood and Shop of all places has a nice You Tube video on a 16 Hammer model they recently Purchased. If you have something else to consider, please mention that as well. I also dislike gluing up panels more often than I have to. Since 1956, a guarantee for perfect results with excellent ease of use and reliability in FORMAT4. The shorter infeed and outfeed tables are not really a problem. I'm too far for you to come visit probably, but if you contact Hammer, they will usually steer you toward someone local that will let you see the machine. I hope this finds you all well. UNLIMITED Membership is like taking a master class in woodworking for less than $10 a month. Nice having 16" of capacity for both jointing and planing. Before my first use I thought it would be frustrating to have to convert back and forth between the jointer and the planer configuration, but its actually been quite easy and fast to do. One useful feature on the Hammer is the gravity-actuated stops that prevent the jointer tables from dropping. For my use, it's been a rock-star, and once setup has held it's calibration very well w/ no issues, (and I'm picky). lower than the Rojek. ebay.com and Amazon.com) those affiliate links may lead to referral compensation to us. Hi Joshua: Im debating between a 12 jointer and a 16 jointer/planer like your Felder AD941. Maybe the lube can be changed to one with a lower temp rating or a wider range? All four combo machines delivered excellent results in my tests. I see that this machine has five rows of cutters with 60 all told but a very fast feed rate of 23 ft/min. I would really appreciate thoughts on this. I think Makita also makes one may not be sold here but should be available. a challenge, perhaps? The only thing I miss is in planar mode the bed/wood is raised to the cutter so outfeed/infeed tables are not really possible. Latest Forum Topics. It makes taking rough lumber to smooth and straight a breeze. But it was a little under-powered and the feed was getting starting to give me trouble. | Transport and Lifting Equipment, Our range of products

Jointer-table extension, $160; Planer adjustment wheel with digital readout, $67. For me, the reduced height made it easier to work around the Euro-style cutterhead guard. I wonder if it throws off some of the settings from matching the display or as stated above its a lube issue. We have created these special content collections organized to give you a deep dive into a range of topics that matter. It may not display this or other websites correctly. a tip/strategy to share? Yes, I rarely see any snipe on my boards now. The reviewer is obviously one of those people. Profile Knives for Universal Cutter, Moulding Hammer makes a world class machine. I looked at the four jointer/planer combinations that are moderately priced and readily available. Using a jig is like having a couple extra hands helping out. NOW available for free in the App Store and on Google Play! There is no way I would be able to use the machine for half the year if that is the case. And then I would send it upside down through my wider Grizzly planer, and then flip it and repeat. I have come across three brands of 16 J/P combo, and have looked into the specs. Hi, Dad. In this seven-part video series,, Chris Gochnour's sideboard combines usefulness, strength, and beauty in a contemporary case piece. Chat with your Forum Friends about their projects, their life, thei https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8e1PvTaFLk, Handplanes Of Your Dreams, v2.0 - Sharp As Ever. I would appreciate learning about others experience with cut quality and dust collection on these machines. I dont see that the beds can be extended. Your direct line to the service technician make your request online at any time of the day. You may have seen this in the video I did on building the dovetail braced bench (here). feldershop End of rant. PCSis currently the fastest non-contact triggering safety device, worldwide. So to me this is a major benefit of having such a high-end machine with tight tolerances. All in all, I found it tedious to listen to this guys whining. I had the opportunity to buy a slightly used Hammer A3-31 12 J/P for a great price. It has a mortiser attachment (I thought the Minimax has that option, but I dont see that for the above model) and bed extensions.

Change-over from the jointing function to the planer function is an issue inherent in combination machines. The jet on the other hand has a four row set up with 56 cutters and a much slower 12 ft/min. So there are other brands that are plenty good enough to meet your needs. Subscribe to get Joshua's free traditional woodworking videos, articles & news: Joshua loves mixing his passion for woodworking with his ability to teach in a simple manner. Get complete site access to video workshops, digital plans library, online archive, and more, plus the print magazine. Bought it when I had a smaller shop, less disposable income, and needed other big ticket items. And Im still amazed that I rarely get snipe on my boards, like I did with my grizzly thickness planer and every other thickness planer that Ive owned. Currently it is hard to see machines first hand, so Im hoping you can help with a couple questions. Their jointer/planers are among the best Ive ever had the pleasure to use and Im proud to own one. Rabbeting a shelf; Strength vs. appearance, Editor's Letter: A new tool with every project. Is it OK to copy projects from the magazine? Even if you have heat turned up when you need it, it would take hours to warm up all that steel. You noted thatRead more . Our biweekly podcast allows editors, authors, and special guests to answer your woodworking questions and connect with the online woodworking community. Sharing the helical head for both jointing and planing is very nice, and yes, that helped keep the cost down, as well as saving shop space. That link will also give you all of the technical details. Manage Consent. The finish, whether paint, wax, stain, or something else, can make or break a project. The engineering and manufacturing on my machine is excellent. planer jointer bench surface You are certainly welcome.I live in South Carolina so no temperature issues for me. And all of the Felder brands have extensive lines of woodworking machinery. You are using an out of date browser. Have you adapted to the Euro-style guard? essential woodworking experts lists compare tool create On my Felder I ordered the optional mobile base, and Im incredibly glad that I did. Youd have to call Felder. Hi Dan, switching between the jointer and planer really doesnt require much strength at all. Continue. I use the bed extension on my Knapp JP. Craig, first I will say that you probably cannot go wrong with a Felder, Hammer, Minimax, SCM or Martin jointer planers. So my dream was to get this combination machine that would fit nicely into my school, and allow me to square up large, beautiful boards. Currently, I have a dewalt 12 (734) planer and Inca 343.190 (second owner) 10 J/P combo and I am thinking of an upgrade. Need a break from all the standing and wood dust? Neither set of specs gives anything like cuts/min which might help to understand how I might expect each tp perform, especially on wild grain. It's all dependent on the type of work you do and depth of pockets. It is very nearly the equal of the MiniMax USA. That will be a deal breaker for me since I live in Minnesota and my makeshift garage workshop is much to be desired for as far as temperature regulation goes. I live in Minnesota, and my garage is not as heated as I would like. I would love to have the spiral cutter block, but Im sticking with what Ive got. I also like the height of the jointer tables. Jointer-Planer (with Segmented Cutterhead) review from FWW #235 (October 2013)by Asa ChristianaHammer is the small-shop, value-oriented wing of the Felder Group, intended to bring Austrian engineering to a broader audience. 2022 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. Scorpion CWI 16JP1604HC 16 J/P : 4 HP motor, ~65 long bed. Curious to know what your setup is and if you ve run into temperature issues. If you are a carver or want Intarsia, fretwork, intricate design cutting and more!

Quality and precision in a nutshell This is a question, if I am posting in an inappropriate section, please let me know and I will repost appropriately.

Current dust collection should be adequate for both machines. I got used to them with the little Inca, and the Hammer, as short as it is, is a good step up from the Inca. Click for full details. You can find them all here at the Felder website. Thank you in advance! Terms of Service tips? bandsaw. Having difficulties reading project plans? And this handle clips into the mounting plate, and I simply push down and the machine lifts up. I rarely work with really long boards but there are a few times where I wish I could use extensions. Phone: 877-590-TOOL (8665) Pricing on this web site currently is not guaranteed because of the current market conditions using the allocation process where pricing is not guaranteed from our supply chain , Please call for current day pricing on all items ! I was in your shoes about 8 years ago. 2013 - 2021 Wood and Shop Productions & Joshua T. Farnsworth | All content on WoodAndShop.com is copyrighted and may not be reprinted or used without our written consent. Here you can register items purchased from FELDER simply and safely online for return. The machine was delivered on a larger pallet than I expected, and it was a bit tricky to get it down to the floor, but with the help of a bunch of friends, we got it safely off of the pallet. Thats not bad. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Shaker candle stand with Christian Beckvoort, Jointer-Planer Makes Sense for a Segmented Cutterhead, Workshop Tip: Simple micro-adjuster for any crosscut fence, Editor's Letter: Technology and the future of woodworking, Livestream replay: Setting up our 14-in. Our range of products Silent-Power cutterblock. See my video above to learn how to use it. Thanks again! 1. Hammers latest offering is the A3 series of jointer/ planers, which packs state-of-the-art convenience and industrial milling capacity into a small footprint. The other method I used for squaring up wide boards was to use hand tools. For a little background, before I got this Felder machine I had to spend a lot of time and effort to flatten wide boards. Looking for help with Are you unsure of which tools, or hardware, you need, or which brands to buy? Plus tips, advice, and special offers from Fine Woodworking. 16 is nice, but how many times have you needed or wanted more than your current 10 ? But even 12" won't get you into 16" wide antique reproduction single board panels. If users make purchases in those stores (e.g. The price varies depending on the features you get. I wasn't going to say anything because my experience is LONG ago with an INCA combo - I sold quite a few of them and people were happy until they realised that you did have the height problem Oka pointed out AND if it was in one mode and you needed to put it in the other one it was a PITA! Would love your thoughts, please comment. Absolutely, but it aint gonna give you more room in your garage. Table Extensions, Coupling Systems, Moulding Start your 14-day FREE trial - and get building! I was able to get rid of my Grizzly jointer and planer, and free up space here in my shop. I was looking at the manual of the Hammer 16 and it says the operating temperature is between 10 degrees C to 40 C, which translates to 50 F to about 110 F or so. It looks kind of funny in the middle of several handmade Moravian workbenches. Complaining about it is silly. If the Felder is out of your price range, then the Hammer is their more affordable line. | Do Not Sell My Data Yes, its an extra step, but the time it takes to perform it is trivial. I have the straight-knife version, and have been toying w/ swapping in a helical - which is another benefit, and one that drove my initial decision, as the 1 cutterhead would upgrade both my jointer AND planer vs. having to buy 2. And it never felt very safe. How much is this? It has regular jointer blades, not a helical head. I wish Id gotten it 10 years ago. Accessories for Mulit Boring Machines, Sanding If thats truly the case, it is also over priced. I have not seen such temperature limitations with my other machines. Cartridge knife inserts-the only type available for the Hammer-are nearly as easy to change as Tersa knives. WoodAndShop.com recommends products with links to online stores, some of which are part of affiliate programs. In-depth articles, up-close photography, and detailed illustrations. I was reading the manual I found online and interestingly I saw that the operating temperature for the machine is 10 40 Celsius? Its quiet, and its shearing action left negligible tearout on the most ornery woods: quartersawn white oak, figured maple, and super-hard jatoba with interlocked grain. I was particularly impressed by the feed system on the planer: No matter the board or the depth of cut, the machine grabbed it and fed it smoothly out the other end, with no help from me. Relief, 3D, chip-carving, whittling; carving knives, chisels, pocket-knives, power tools. I currently have a Jet HH 8 jointer and it does a poor job on dust collection, especially throwing out a lot of dust through the motor pulley hole in the back. I agree with him that the process of adjusting the beds back into coplanarity is fiddly, but so is the process of adjusting every other woodworking machine Ive ever worked on. Cleaning and Maintenance, Planing I found that when going from jointing to planing, the lowering crank had to be turned some 50 or more revolutions because the bed had to be so far down to get the dust collector and other things hooked up. This is really important for my school, so I can easily move the machine back into place when classes are in session. Affordable functionality and reliability The changeover is not a big deal for me, but there's times when the short infeed table is a challenge. Mine is the older straight-knife model. But if the AD 941 jointer-planer is beyond your current budget, then Felder makes an affordable 16-inch jointer-planer under their HAMMER brand. Would like to get one for my Dad.

It is a beast at 1000lbs but it is the best purchase that I have made. When I looked at jointer/planers a few decades ago, maybe things were different. Table Extensions, Coupling Systems, Drilling If you want to see more of my videos & articles, make sure you subscribe below and youll be notified whenever I release new content. I have one that I leave attached to the planer outfeed bracket beneath the jointer table where it is out-of the way. Michael, I have a Scorpion 12 and cut quality IMHO is fantastic, dust collection is fine as in really no dust but in the planner mode there is some chips left on the bed if the stock is not that wide? I got the Jet JJP12-HH recently while on sale and it has been fantastic. And Im happy to report that it has worked great. Ive been really satisfied with my 12 jet. Base price is ~ 7000 USD, Im sure the options will add to it. It takes roughly one minute to convert the Hammer from jointing to planing or back again, time mostly spent cranking the planer bed out of the way so the dust hood can rotate. Sign up for eletters today and get the latest techniques and how-to from Fine Woodworking, plus special offers. I recently tried the 12-in.-wide A3 31, equipped with the optional Silent Power segmented ($800 extra) cutterhead with carbide teeth. Today, most primary parts are from the far east and assembled in North America. If you are irritated by the need to change the configuration of the machine between operations, dont buy a combination jointer planer. Technically perfect, precise and durable UNLIMITED membership - Get access to it all. It has the helical head and is on a mobile base. Now I have a Hammer A3-41 16" jointer/planer and love it. Good luck with your decision. That is on the warm side (50 F) for some shops. I would be able to make space by selling off the the planer and J/p for the new machine. This cutterhead is also designed for better chip ejection, which might be the reason this machine has the best dust collection Ive seen on a jointer or planer. I have the Mini Max FS35 Smart. I feel like Ive used this Felder AD 941 jointer planer enough now to share a credible opinion. I had an Inca 570 10 1/4 Jointer/Planer that I had owned for years. | Privacy Policy I dont bother to lock the bed except on the final pass. Its $3,582 list price makes it worth serious consideration. I have adequate 220 power for two machines. DitG I cant see this endeavour saving you any space at the end of the day. That maybe inevitable with a dovetail design but not with a parrallegram. Never heard of Scorpion, and I suspect it is made in Asia, and is no where near the same quality or precesion of SCMI or Hammer. JavaScript is disabled. You can disengage the auto feed and push through manually if desired, have never attempted this yet.By the way I am using a 1.5 hp general D.C. run through a Veritas cyclone separator pulling about 1200 cfm at the machine.
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