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Who cares? I've been playing Diablo 2 modded the past 10 days. roughly 10% to cast battle cry, which lasts around 45-60 seconds. You need to freeze the MOB with Holy Freeze ok you might add Infinity aura on A2 Merc, you need a Killing machine that regenrates mana ok use a A2 Might aura merc, or Slow down mob withHoly Freeze A2 Aura merc that also regenrates mana ok well Just use an A2 merc for whatever you need. Not totally sure though. I prefer to see auras as an A2 only thing because that forces them to raise the bar on the other mercs and keep the theme of them. he is very similar to a2 holy freeze statwise, but on a barbarian way with battle cry. When I'm playing on Plugy it isn't even when the merc dies. there is very little difference in power between battle cry and holy freeze. Meditation will make you very popular with other party members such as Sorceress and Necromancers. Blessed aim to act1 merc JavaScript is disabled. No Merc has a meditation aura, it is gained by giving the merc a polearm with the runeword Insight - Ral Tir Tal Sol. Does magic find work if your necro minions or mercs kill the enemy? Hell combat mercs have prayer capped at 16 (I don't know the level). Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportAd. No, that's what I meant. Shout to act5 merc. Yes I still see no use for the other mercs if nothing is done to their weapon selection so why not add additional auras them.

That's what I'm currently running on my untwinked Light Sorc over on West. this will increase the usage of any Merc for every Build needs, not just the classic OP A2 Merc. For specific details on all kinds of Mercs, there's sticky in the Sorceress part of this forum. Whether you need help or you're just looking to chat - come join us! 2022 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. So you would need a merc under lvl 75 at all times to make this work? Is there a way to remedy this? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Meditation to act3 merc Is that wrong?

If I equip anything after the insight it won't proc. except battlecry is dog%$it, Its trash for players 1, the uptime is really low since he doesnt cast often and it takes the debuff slot. 50/165 stun I always thought you merc would reach lvl 17, so that would be 2x19=38 life healed. A1- Cold Arrow + Meditation Aura (because actully can with the Bow Insight Runeword) Is this incorrect? Press J to jump to the feed. 50/165 bash 50/165 normal attack Seriously, sometimes if I die (softcore) and I'm wearing an Enigma, I lose my Teleport from my skill tree until I take the armor off and put it back on. if it was moved out of the curses category, it would mean a significant increase in reliability. While I feel that just simply giving the other mercs auras is a lazy solution, I dont really see any other alternatives. think atm they modified act 5s ai to only cast it after the duration is gone as a last minute fix for the curses problem. Cool thanks for reply got it now. If ao how much does it boost? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Effect: Boosts Mana recovery for all party members. Nobody was home. =). 18 for normal, 16 for hell. I had misunderstood something, This post was edited by Goomshill on Feb 1 2017 09:27pm, This post was edited by Goomshill on Feb 2 2017 11:15am. Follow up question Mabye I misunderstood something: Highest lvl meditation on insight is lvl 17, if mercs gets lvl 18 prayer at cmb 75+, wouldent mercs lvl 18 prayer overwrite the lvl 17 meditation as it is higher lvl? Maybe I'm looking at an out of date resource, but I see all Act 2 Hell mercs as having a level 16 aura once they've reached the level it turns on. Dunno how that work at lower levels. I need some help badly in two different aspects. I still miss it. i think they did a good job on the a5 there.

That means if you are using any version prior it is probabnly this, That sometimes happens when my infinity merc bites the dust, it just stops working. >s it true prayer synergies with meditation from insight? You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. I believe only might caps at that number. Oh, you meant like that yeah, they only have the lvl75 row. i say that is easily achievable. Do all party members get the bonus? A1- Fire Arrow + Vigor Aura. What is Twisted Essence of Suffering for? (+Barb question). Note: Meditation will not work on hirelings, The Great White Beast Quest Location Path of Exile, Cheapest Madden 20 Coins Reddit, PS4, Xbox One, PoE Moonbenders Wing Tomahawk Axe PoE Harvest 3.11 Uniques, 20% Quality Gem Prophecy Erasmus Gift PoE, Perfect Agony PoE Build Explained Worth It, Eshs Breachstone Drops PoE, Loot Guide, Upgrade Splinters of Esh, PoE Brinerot Base Delve Depth Azurite Mine, Flickerflame Blade Experimented Base Types PoE, Boots Crafting Runewords Affixes D2R Diablo 2 Resurrected, Prayer: same as having Prayer active without mana cost. Resurrected what? 75. heavily disagree. Not to mention only they have access to Infinity runeword, which is undoubtedly by far best option for any elemental build. blessed aim give a AR bonus of 500%, inner sight reduces enemy defense to almost 0 (so basically even stronger than blessed aim). Remove prayer/defiance/blessed aim from Act 2 merc, Add Yes, it does. Can I upgrade my normal socketed armor and weapon? not an optimal solution. Despite the improvements to the other mercs, they still pale in comparison to a2 mercs. 15/165 Battle cry I am forced to agree with you. Did you try taking it off and putting it on again? -49% damage and -90% defense vs 50% slow down (so basically 50% damage reduction). The auras just make a2 mercs vastly superior to other mercs 99% of the time. the debuff thing is valid criticism. That vigor aura from PD2 A1 merc was a godsend. meaning he has to attack 10 times in that timeframe for it to be on constantly. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. i say dont put it in the curses category, similar like inner sight. Single Player Plugy, I have an insight polearm equipped on my Merc, but only his Might aura seems to activate. Supposing the Merc is CLVL 75+, ofc. Yea i always reset my merc weap out of habit when he revives. Just re-equipping the weapon last fixed it for me. Each merc should be able to stand on its own and have a good reason to use it aside from the aura. With the observance of this aura, the Paladin supplicates himself to the Light with silent utterances of prayers. Inner Sight = AR boost vs Act 2 blessed aim. How do I open the mercenary inventory? I went over. Disagree, auras are way too powerful and its really hard to balance around it, plus act 2 merc is not a paladin so no real identity there, many monsters in the game also have auras, its a diablo 2 thing not specific to paladins. It is in these times of silent worship that the Paladin is rejuvenated in spirit. That's +42 Life Healed every second! stop washing down class identities/fantasies the mercs are supposed to represent. Any caps for A2 mercs in LOD will kick in at 75 (55 in classic). regarding uptime: atm the cast chances/attack chances for an act 5 merc at level 58 are: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This subreddit is for people who want to discuss Diablo 2 and Diablo II Resurrected. I've been told yes, but honastly never tried it and can't prove it. You must log in or register to reply here. the only way auras should be implemented on them should be itemization. A girl phoned me the other day and said . Come on over, there's nobody home. The first time that happened I was scared as fuck. Thank God! This is a lazy solution and I think they should be forced to do better. agreed. finding such neeches would mean not sacrificing their identities. Is it true prayer synergies with meditation from insight?
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