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Its a great little piece of Japan that you can enjoy at home, especially if its been a while since youve been able to visit Japan or are still planning your first trip to Japan. Sakuraco sent us the August 2021 box. This version is lightly salted to bring out the sweetness of the cookie. I subscribed February the 20th and their website says your first box would be shipped within 3 business days. Instead of offering your average Japanese snacks (pocky sticks, for example), these boxes include authentic artisan treats made by local sellers from specific regions in Japan. If you no longer want to receive additional boxes after you receive the last one, then its important to cancel your subscription so you dont get automatically billed for another cycle. If purchasing as a gift for someone, you will be charged the shipping fee, not the recipient. Sakuraco works as a subscription model. Your subscription will automatically renew for the same period after you receive your final box. There are four subscription plans to choose from. Youll not only learn about the history behind each treat but also its significance to the local region where it was created. Unlike most parts of the country, southwest Japan enjoys a tropical climate so fruits like mango, pineapple, star fruit, and dragon fruit thrive in Okinawa. I loved brewing the sakura tea in the first Sakuraco box! As mentioned earlier, the must-have Japanese snacks, sweets, teas and homewares in each box are carefully curated to suit a theme that changes each month. I am so jealous right now! The small sakura crackers here were so good, Id love to find a large bag of them somewhere. The scarcity of the included products outside Japan makes it a very unique gift. These shisa-shaped hard shell candies with a soft center will put you in good spirits with their burst of brown sugar sweetness. From what I understand, free international shipping would normally be an option but these are extraordinary times so they need to use a more reliable method. . If you arent familiar, matcha is the green powder used in traditional tea ceremonies throughout Japan (especially, These are items created by local makers especially for Sakuraco.

As mentioned earlier, reduced commercial flights for cargo meant boxes would take months to arrive, so keep in mind the shipping costs with Sakuraco covers trackable, express shipping. I think they have a stock issue last week, but I saw one of their post that said the March box delivery will be finished by 3/12. I now have a few specific favourites I know Ill keep an eye out for on my next Japan trip! Kombu refers to edible kelp while arare is a type of Japanese cracker made with glutinous rice flavored with soy sauce. While sampling traditional Japanese sweets and snacks aligns with this, its impossible for most of us to travel to Japan right now *cue uncontrollable tears and breaking heart* . Dedicated to travellers with a mid-range budget, my blog explores responsible ways we can improve tourism for locals & ourselves by blending in. Im all about efficient, invisible tourism and would love to inspire you by sharing tips & tricks from my adventures around the world. They can be savory or sweet and come in various shapes, sizes, and flavors. The wafer-light exterior of the sakura mochi monaka (light circle shape pictured above decorated with a Japanese pattern) combined with its chewy mochi centre was amazing. My Sakuraco box was kindly gifted to me to write this Sakuraco review. That's really unfortunate. Another thing we miss dearly are the Japanese snacks. Hi Bryanna, Sakuraco just contacted me to let me know that the issue has been resolved? I was happily surprised at the variety of snacks in my Sakuraco box a lot of which Id never tried before! When I purchased my year subscription the payment form never included shipping in my cost so when I was charged it was $140 over the price I expected to pay. The theme of the November 2021 box was The Fall Flavors of Kyushu. Her dreams? Sometimes it can look like chocolate! Read More Should You Use Airbnb? Theyre traditionally baked or grilled over charcoal and brushed with a glaze made from soy sauce and mirin. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any loss or damage in connection with the use of this website. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This version of manju is filled with the earthy sweetness of brown sugar. Trying all the snacks and looking at the packaging definitely made me miss Japan a whole lot and got me even more excited for our next trip there! Hi u/bittersweetlemonade, don't worry, it's a legit company!

As soon as I opened our box, I was greeted by this message Nice to meet you. And now its time for the fun part: whats in the Sakuraco Box and how do the snacks taste? Maybe it's because you have a prepaid plan or your renewal date is earlier! I absolutely adore the beauty of tradition and learning the history of things (yes, even for seemingly ordinary snacks, which is why I wrote an entire beginners guide to snacks from Japan). Sakuraco on the other hand would be Kyoto, holding on to centuries-old traditions, reminding us of the importance of ichi-go ichi-e. During my tea ceremony in Kyoto, I learnt in Japanese this translates to once in this lifetime, referring to each and every moment being unique and unable to be replicated. Sakuraco sent us the Explore Okinawa box in exchange for an honest review. I'm Nele (Nay-la), a Dutch coffee-fueled travel writer living in Manchester, UK. If we were to say each box carried an atmosphere of a Japanese city within it, TokyoTreat would feel like Tokyos Akihabara area with its quirky snacks, anime, video game and modern pop culture. Sakuraco is a sister brand of the popular Tokyo Treats subscription box. TIP: In case youre wondering, the cakes and breads are not stale when they get to you. This purple potato is so important to the town that they hold a Miss Beni Imo beauty contest every year. AMAZON ASSOCIATES is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I was blown away by the quality and amount of information in this booklet. Priority shipping also costs USD 10.50 or USD 12.50 and will arrive in 14-28 days. From must-see destinations to lesser-known places off the beaten path, I have your future Japan trip planning covered. In this months booklet, it talks briefly about Okinawa, its festivals, and the local artisans responsible for making the products featured in the box. This Sakuraco review contains affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. Its true, there are already a number of Japanese subscription boxes delivering popular. Id contact TokyoTreats customer service rather than Sakuracos and explain the situation to them. snacks such as chips and chocolate internationally. Both are awesome so it all depends on what youre into. Its made with red bean paste and Okinawan sea salt. Lets have tea.. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. As always, I only recommend a product or service that I genuinely love and use myself! It can be anything from a bowl, plate, spoon, cup, or pair of chopsticks. If youve been to Japan and enjoy the cultural aspect when savouring these goodies, its so great these snacks and teas are now available outside Japan. They were made by the oldest candle makers in Japan, a small family-run shop thats been in business for 7-8 generations! Sakuraco is a Japan-based subscription service that delivers a box of Japanese sweets, snacks, and treats right to your door once a month. If you want to make the most of your next travel experience, learn how you can be invisible here! But if you want something more traditional and unique, something that encapsulates the Japanese tea ceremony in a box, then Sakuraco is definitely for you. Like beni imo, brown sugar derived from locally grown sugarcane is a specialty in Okinawa. It casts a spotlight on Okinawa by featuring locally sourced artisanal products made with key Okinawa ingredients like brown sugar and the beautiful beni imo purple sweet potato. Japanese subscription box services are nothing new, but what sets Sakuraco apart are the type and quality of snacks contained in every box. As mentioned in my TokyoTreat review, I became an affiliate as I was quite impressed with the product after initially purchasing a 3-month subscription with my own money. My first box was delivered about a week and a half after paying (would have been faster but they needed to replenish their supplies). If youre missing the flavours of Japan or simply want to get your hands on a great selection of authentic artisan Japanese treats, Sakuraco may be a great option for you. One of Okinawas best-known agricultural products is the beni imo potato. It typically consists of anko or red bean paste stuffed inside a light and airy coating made from flour, rice powder, kudzu, and buckwheat. But it was a lot of fun to try them all, and I loved that there were items I normally never wouldve picked up myself (even if I was in a Japanese supermarket!). They were stupid quick on sending the boxes. When I received contact from the company informing me that this was a shipping charge, I apologize, called my credit card company, and canceled my dispute. The payment is deducted a month in advance for the following months box. It smells and tastes wonderful. The shrines, the cities, the culture, and the food. Yes, they ship worldwide! Opening the box, I couldnt wait to try everything! Its definitely worth giving it a try to see for yourself. Cant get to Japan? At the end of each day in Japan, we always stop by a konbini (convenience store) before heading back to our hotel. There are different plans to select from which Ill mention under the pricing section further down the page. The design and personal touches made me feel like I had my own little slice of Japan from centuries past, in a box. These beni imo doughnuts are packed with sweet potato flavor. If youre used to the size of Tokyo Treat boxes, the first thing youll notice with Sakuraco is its about the size. Heres a screenshot of the owan bowl from our unboxing video. However, this is the part where it gets interesting. I really appreciated that each item includes common allergens and whether it is vegetarian friendly (this can be a problem for some when visiting Japan). When Im in Japan, one of my favourite convenience store breakfasts is dorayaki. Even after providing proof multiple times that my dispute has been canceled, and constant contact with their customer service team after the last six months, they are still refusing to refund me or send me products. By continuing to read this article, you agree to verify any information and check with the proper authorities for the latest travel guidelines. The way in which this has all been executed is quite impressive and difficult for me to describe, so youll just have to see for yourself! Enjoy treats themed around the seasons such as sakura for spring months and momiji (autumn leaves) for autumn months. Im not sure why, but the way some of the snacks were pictured online gave me the impression there would be a few of that kind within the box (the Strawberry Crepe Roll, for example) when there was only one. Its grown primarily in southwest Japan, in the northern region of Okinawas main island. On The Navigatio I share my love for city breaks through efficient and honest travel itineraries and guides. Yokan is a one of the dense desserts from Japan made from sugar, agar and red bean paste (are you sensing a theme here?) My March box also was just sent on 3/9 and it's already in my country! If you enjoy Kyoto and its tea drinking culture, then youre going to love Sakuraco. Do you get the DHL shipping? You can read our privacy policy and terms of use for more information. Might have better luck there. This interesting Japanese snack mix is made with kombu and arare. On the top of the packed snacks, I found the detailed snack guide and a postal card. Lets take a look at the kinds of items youll receive: As mentioned in my guide to Japanese snacks, taiyaki are little fish-shaped cakes made from pancake or waffle batter. I love that the team is passionate about sharing the traditional side of Japanese snack making with us! Each smell is incredible! Great review! In saying that, there were double of other items I was expecting there to only be one of, such as the Strawberry Castella cakes. Cant wait any longer? As described, the theme for the August 2021 box is Explore Okinawa. Its like getting the Japanese tea experience at home, minus the kimono (and geisha). while youre here for inspiration? Similarly, dorayaki are two round pancakes held together with red bean paste or red bean jam. Its a complete tea ceremony delivered right onto your doorstep. to include items from local makers other than edible goods such as teas and homewares. I sent them an email around 2nd of March, but no reply either. Your email address will not be published. If you enjoy watching videos, then be sure to check out our unboxing video to give you a better sense of what type of Japanese snacks to expect from your Sakuraco box every month. Like the kogane shikuwasa manju, be sure to savor its aroma before eating it.

It costs us an extra USD 10.50 per box which makes us a but hesitant to pull the trigger. DISCLAIMERWe try to update this website as often as possible but we can't guarantee that all the information is always accurate. Usually filled with red bean paste, manju on the other hand are filled with red bean paste and coated in a bread-like exterior. If youre already familiar with Sakuraco and want to place an order, then you can do so through this link. Featuring 20 authentic Japanese sweets, snacks and teas, Sakuraco is a subscription box that aims to bring the art of traditional Japanese afternoon tea to your door. I hope your box will be shipped ASAP and I can say it will be worth the wait! Use code SAKURA22 for bonus ceramics, Here on my Japan travel blog I explain that part of being an invisible touristis the desire to feel a connection to a destination through unique cultural experiences. Every box will come with one piece of Japanese tableware. Expect to receive items such as ceramics, chopsticks and even furoshiki cloths. Including everything from toys, to snacks, towhatever, if it's in a box we want to hear about it. I literally just got my second box today, so they seem 100% legit. The words Nice to meet you. Sata andagi refers to deep-fried balls of dough similar to doughnuts. TIP: Mochi always takes me back to my Kamakura day trip, where there is no shortage of stores lining Komachi-dori selling them. You can also check their website for a description of past boxes. Appearantly they will ship before 12th March, otherwise I will be contacting Tokyo Treat instead, thanks for the suggestion! Costa Rican Food: 12 Traditional Dishes Thatll Make You Say Pura Vida! Why not check out my popular itineraries and travel guides while youre here for inspiration? The whole aesthetic from the printing to curated sakura theme is such a mood. Have you heard the news? But the additional shipping charges do give us pause. DISCLOSURE: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links or sponsorships (disclosed at the bottom). , So happy to hear it is legit! All thoughts, words, and opinions expressed in this article are mine and mine alone. In this Sakuraco review, Ill show you if this Japanese snack subscription box is worth the money. This helps to familiarise you with snacks to buy from each region for when youre actually in Japan. You can expect to receive all kinds of cakes from peach or matcha Castella to sakura Madeleines. As its a subscription based service, youll receive a Sakuraco box delivered to your door as long as your subscription is active. Theres also a beautifully designed and printed booklet explaining the months theme and all the snacks contained in the box. They fully used all the space inside the box, I dont think they couldve fitted anything else in. This afternoon tea time in a box is a wonderful way to bridge the gap for now until youre able to visit in person. Originally from China, its known for its purple flesh that has the same molecular structure as purple cabbage and blueberries. They come in all kinds of flavours, from nori (seaweed) to curry and more. Unfortunately I couldn't get it through DHL shipping, so the shipping time will ben 14~28 days also At least I am glad to know the box will be worth it :). The combination of elegant packaging, attention to detail and wonderful balance of flavours makes this an ideal in-home experience until we can revisit Japan. It was probably one of my favourite snacks in the Sakuraco box. While the box is more compact for sure, its also a lot heavier! Each is individually wrapped with a moisture absorber inside (those little packets that say do not eat in multiple languages) to help preserve their freshness. I hope you can find your next urban adventure here! They can be served with green tea to prepare the palate. They were packaged nicely, fresh and it was so nice to know they were all made by local businesses. COPYRIGHT POLICYUnless otherwise stated, all photos, text, graphics, and videos used on this website are the intellectual property of Will Fly for Food and its contributors and protected by copyright laws. Thanks so much for your comment! Lets take a look. Some of the featured makers have been in business for multiple decades (others even beyond a century!). I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. We do this on every trip to Japan. Chinsuko refers to a traditional Japanese sweet from Okinawa. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The Hokkaido Cream Pan bread roll was one of the most delicious breads Ive ever tried fluffy, light, yet creamy and sweet. The box is jam-full and goodies have been packed with great Tetris-like care. Required fields are marked *. Your subscription doesnt automatically expire once youve received the allocated boxes you ordered. I'm still waiting for mine~. Check out the massive scallop senbei below, it was light, crispy and absolutely delicious without being oily. I could immediately tell that the team at Sakuraco put a lot of effort into their boxes and choosing what items to include. As you can probably tell from the tone of this article, we were super impressed with our Sakuraco box. Keep in mind that this price doesnt include the shipping costs per box.

Its also touted as a hangover cure. Thanks for getting through this lengthy post but I hope this Sakuraco review convinces you to get your own subscription. More information here. This helps with the costs of running my blog so I can keep my content free for you. Here are the prices per box depending on the length of your subscription: Every month, you can expect a different box with a different theme and different snacks. What sets Sakuraco apart is that it focuses on lesser known artisanal sweets, the kind of products that you cant just find at any konbini. TIP: Be sure to savour the amazing scents from the treats when you open them. As it turns out, the shikuwasa citrus fruit (Citrus depressa) is one of Okinawas most iconic flavors. Below Im going to outline the different Japanese sweets you can expect within your Sakuraco box, the quality and how they taste. My Sakuraco box contained Yoshino Kuzumochi, a chewable yet jelly-like mochi dessert topped with Okinawan brown sugar syrup and roasted soy bean flour, a real treat. This post contains affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. Adorning the packaging is an eye-catching gold foil logo. In my honest opinion, I had high expectations for this box. , the art of Japanese hospitality. Anw, did you send the email via your Customer Portal? Especially with unknown snacks from Japan, I didnt expect anything different! They work with local sellers from specific regions in Japan to create snack boxes with a different theme every month. Yes definitely, based on the contents alone. One of Renes favorite Japanese drinks is Suntorys Strong Zero made with shikuwasa, so her eyes lit up when she saw this shikuwasa jelly. If you subscribe in March youll receive Aprils box, subscribe in April for Mays box and so on. Depending on where you are, shipping charges will run you an additional USD 10.50 or USD 12.50 per box. If you found this helpful, check my other, Should You Use Airbnb? Beneath the booklet was a postcard featuring an artistic Japanese-style artwork of cherry blossoms, a nice keepsake. As described, the additional shipping charges did give her some pause but obviously not enough. Other Japanese snack boxes contain fun treats and candy like Kit Kat and Pocky, but Sakuraco boxes are filled with harder-to-find artisanal products made by small businesses from different parts of Japan. I made a little unboxing video where you can see everything in the Sakuraco box: One of my favourite things about opening the Sakuraco box was that it is absolutely packed. The booklet was a lovely addition, too. Based on her travels to 250+ cities across 32 countries, through her blog she shares passionate advice about responsible travel, history and preserving local cultures for more enriching experiences. I absolutely adore the beauty of tradition and learning the history of things (yes, even for seemingly ordinary snacks, which is why I wrote an entire beginners guide to, I was over the moon when invited to review this box and Im delighted to say Sakuraco exceeded my expectations. That is, until now. Sending a huge thanks to Sakuraco for inviting me to be one of the first to review this unique product! My Kawagoe day trip from Tokyo article has all the details. If you enjoy Japanese culture and Japanese food, I think youll greatly enjoy the Sakuraco box too. The quality of the treats was amazing and I love how they include artisan snacks that I hadnt tried before. Enjoy treats themed around the seasons such as, Expect to receive items such as ceramics, chopsticks and even furoshiki cloths. AboutWork with meContactDisclaimerPrivacy Policy. If you love Japan like we do, then Ive got a good feeling youre going to appreciate these boxes. One one hand, TokyoTreat has a very modern and trendy feel with its boxes, whereas Sakuraco encompasses traditional and authentic snack making. As well as the overall layout and design, the Snack Guide is a reminder of traditional Japan as it is read from right to left. Sakuraco describes the contents of each upcoming box in their website. Almost two months later I never got any boxes so I contacted the company again who informed me they will not be sending me boxes or refunding me because I filed a dispute and it was in the credit card company's hands now. Did you get some sort of confirmation when the boxes were sent out? TIP: A Sakuraco box also makes a thoughtful gift idea for the Japanophile in your life. To celebrate the coming of spring, my box was sakura themed (Japanese cherry blossoms). These salted chips are made with shimadofu, a type of locally grown tofu often used in Okinawan cuisine. Prices are in USD: Boxes are shipped directly from Tokyo via DHL Express at an additional $10.50 12.50 depending on your region. I enjoyed their snacks very much, though! Anyone else having issues with newsleecher? Through sharp attention to detail the box perfectly embodies omotenashi, the art of Japanese hospitality. If you arent familiar, matcha is the green powder used in traditional tea ceremonies throughout Japan (especially Kyoto). Japanese people sure know how to make moreish crackers these are some of my favourite! Sakuraco is so popular with their first box, they may be swamped with the March box and have to wait for a new batch of snacks. These are some of my personal favourite souvenirs from Japan! Bring the beauty of authentic Japanese sweets to you in 2022! Im not big on souvenirs but one of my most treasured purchases from Japan is a set of artisanal candles from Hida Furukawa. Popular throughout Japan, manju comes in many varieties. If you found this helpful, check my other reviews, come and join me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok for more Japan inspiration! Like suspiciously quick. If youre as obsessed with Japanese attention to detail as I am, youre really going to appreciate this. As opposed to TokyoTreat with its trendy, modern vibe and popular snacks, Sakuraco definitely carries a traditional feel. But to keep pricing competitive, this meant the boxes could not be tracked. Arigato gozaimasu! The longer your subscription, the cheaper each box will be. It definitely feels a bit more upscale than the average Japanese snacks you can find in a nearby Asian supermarket. The fact that it contains harder-to-find regional treats makes it a great gift even for people who are already familiar with Japanese snacks and culture. saucy

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