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One of the cheapest places for Hawaiian shirts is at the Aloha Swap Meet.

The Pride of Maui is a well-respected large catamaran known for her incredible ocean tours.

These are always good gifts from Hawaii. On each of the Hawaiian Islands, its possible to find one-of-a-kind Hawaii made products and gifts. Now you just have to discover what the right memento might be. Bottom line: Ukuleles are cool things to buy in Hawaii no matter how old or young you are! There are also community groups all over the Mainland where people can practice their ukulele skills. For a more budget-friendly option (especially if the ukulele is for a child learning to play), I recommend Pomaikai ukuleles. This family business started in 2005, sells their vodka in 36 states, Canada, South America and Asia. There are about 800 coffee farms on the Big Island, and nearly 50 on the other islands. You can also find affordable Hawaiian shirts at Costco and Macys.

Wow, surfboards have changed some since them! What are your favorite products made in Hawaii?

These are the most popular souvenirs to bring back from Hawaii. There are also some with Hawaiian tikis, hula dancers, scenic photos, and more.

Only coffee marked 100% Kona Coffee is reliable.

Try the Coconut Hiwa Porter from Maui Brewing Co. or the White Mountain Porter from Big Island Brewhaus for a true taste of Hawaiian craft beer.

Keep your eyes peeled as you visit popular sights and in-the-know locales throughout Hawaii; Maui, Oahu, Big Island, Kauai, Lanai, and Molokai. North Shore Goodies now sells a variety of other foods including flavored peanut butters, jams, salad dressings, coffee and syrups.They limit all products to 3-4 ingredient, specializing in Hawaiian flavors like coconut, lilikoi, guava, macadamia nut, pineapple, vanilla bean and ginger. Personally, I prefer things you can only get in Hawaii.

Some of these products arent just made in Hawaii, they are only available in Hawaii. Both the Dole Pineapple Plantation on Oahu and Maui Gold Pineapple offer tours highlighting the historical significance of pineapple in Hawaii, and fun facts about pineapple history and production. Or stop in a Martin & MacArthur store to see the largest selection of koa wood Hawaiian souvenirs, jewelry, furniture, and more. As youll see below, youll also get a chance to explore a little bit of Hawaiis history and information about upcoming brands produced in the beautiful State of Hawaii. There are thousands of products made with pride in Hawaii!

A huge symbol of Hawaiian entertainment resides in the little wooden instrument called the Ukulele. Two of the most popular items for Hawaii residents are surely these two things. You can use them as a keychain, attached to a zipper pull, put on a backpack or bag, collect them, etc.

Honolulu Jewelry Company has a nice selection of Koa rings, bracelets, and necklaces. The best place to find silk haku leis is at the Aloha Swap Meet or J&L Trading House.

Travel Notes & Beyond.

Your email address will not be published. Other Hawaii distillers also produce a product from Hawaiian sugarcane, although they make rum, not vodka. Its such a great way to celebrate and share a little bit of the Hawaiian Islands with those back home. Privacy Policy for Hawaii Travel with Kids, Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World, Top 12 Best Waterfalls on Maui You Should Visit, Your Complete Guide to Whale Watching on Maui.

They also sell guava wine, mango wine, and passion fruit wine and you can order online. Hawaii visitors and residents have the rare opportunity to buy beans directly from the grower. If this sounds tasty to you, visit one of their stores for a free sample! This pineapple plant was imported to Hawaii as early as the late 1700s, and was once the top producer of pineapple in the entire world. Flowered necklaces (called leis) are another item that makes for a great Hawaiian souvenir. Its pronounced ooh-koo-leh-leh (not YOO-koo-lay-lay.). You can find silk versions or pick up fresh flower leis to bring home.

Find more, Contact our team today Call Us: 808-242-0955 Email Us: Contact Form. These are the best gifts from Hawaii. Kealii Reichel is another world-famous Hawaiian musician who has won countless awards. Three emerging beer companiesbrew beer in Hawaii; Kona Brewing Company,Maui Brewing Companyand Kohola Brewery. Ocean Vodka has since expanded production to include rum, whiskey, and liqueurs and produced on Hawaii Sea Spirits Organic Farm and Distillery. One of the most iconic Hawaiian musicians is Israel Kamakawiwoole (lovingly referred to a Bruddah Iz.). Kona Brews 2010 induction into the Craft Brew Alliance and Maui Brews 2015 alliance with Stone Brewing Company (Maui Stone Craft Beverages) have catapulted the availability of Hawaii made beer all over the mainland. Hes the creator of the gorgeous Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World medley that has been in movies, TV shows, commercials, etc. If youre looking for things to get in Hawaii that are unique, start shopping for Koa wood gifts.

And for silk leis, the best selections are at Walmart, Whalers General Store, and ABC Stores. There is always going to be a musician out there that is selling their tunes.

Manulele Distillers popular K Hana Hawaiian Agricole Rum is making waves in the craft cocktail industry.

But, you can also head to thrift shops and search for vintage Aloha shirts (which is a fun activity all in itself!). It makes a great gift, and while pineapple is no longer a big cash crop in Hawaii, it still remains as the most identifiable symbol of the Hawaiian Islands.

If youre seeking a new fit for the beach, we love Pakaloha Bikinis.

If you are bringing souvenirs back from Hawaii, there is one thing you cant forget and that is a Hawaiian keychain. Everybody needs an aloha shirt. There, I said it. The toy versions make the best Hawaii gifts for kids and they can make fun home decor. Many of these brands are available throughout the Hawaiian Islands, on the mainland and even worldwide. In ancient Hawaiian days, surfing wasnt just a recreational activity, it was deeply ingrained in Hawaiian culture and ritual. Its no wonder its one of the top things to buy in Hawaii.

And Hawaiian Quilt Collection has several locations on Oahu and the Big Island and they sell some of the cutest quilted bags and kitchen accessories. It gets cold almost everywhere else, so a Hawaiian blanket always comes in handy.

Today it consists of only a fraction of a percent of global pineapple production, but still holds immeasurable symbolic value for the State of Hawaii.

Playing the ukulele is super popular right now and many schools offer ukulele programs. There are lots of vendors who dont have an online presence or distribute their products outside their Hawaii gift shop or craft fair. The second most visited attraction in Hawaii after the Pearl Harbor Memorial is the Dole Pineapple Plantation.

And any things that remind you of Hawaii. For example, when visiting Hawaii spas, make sure to check out their gift shops.

This popular Hawaii peanut butter brand first started out at Oahu farmers markets, and has quickly made a name for itself throughout the islands. You can find the Aulani soundtrack on Amazon. Every island in Hawaii is unique, but something they all have is music.

Just be sure youre buying the real thing. Plus, if you are wanting to shop on a budget, this is the perfect gift. If youre wondering what to buy in Hawaii that wont take up much space, consider jewelry. They sell nice jewelry at a variety of price points and they are known for stellar quality.

Sometimes they are painted bright colors or have designs on them. Or pick up a fun Hawaiian license plate keychain. Whats the One Hawaiian Souvenir to NEVER Bring Back? Kona Longboard Lager is probably the most recognizable Hawaiian beer worldwide.

Some of the top (and most expensive) brands include Reyn Spooner, Tori Richard, Pineapple Juice, and Avanti Designs. You can find Mauna Loa products all over the Mainland (including Costco.).

These are just some of the best Hawaiian souvenirs that would make for a great gift for yourself or for your loved ones.

Any fruit that you bring back from Hawaii must be cleared through the agricultural inspection at the airport. Honolulu Cookie Company was founded in 1998 with the intention of spreading a little bit of aloha. This sparkling wine is not only unique but also delicious. Both visitors and locals love to purchase cookie themed Hawaii gift boxes from Honolulu Cookie Company.

Dont take Hawaiian lava rocks or sand home with you. If youre on vacation in Hawaii during one of the awesome Hawaii Made Festivals that take place annually on each Hawaiian Island, we definitely suggest that you check them out! Whether youre looking for a bikini to surf in, or one to suntan in, theyve got you covered.

Its no surprise that the State of Hawaii knows a thing or two about surfboards too! It was originally used by King Kamehameha the Greats warriors for their canoes and weapons. All rights reserved, The Best Hawaiian Gifts & Souvenirs to Buy in Hawaii, 7 Epic Hikes in Kauai That Will Take Your Breath Away (Literally!). For example, it takes about 19 months to grow a pineapple, but only has a 2-3 day window of prime ripeness.

Hawaiian pineapple is known for its extra sweet flavor and low acidity. Founder, Joe Rossi, started the company by mixing the lotion in his Maui home and passing out samples on Maui beaches. Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes and shes not to be messed with. Consider taking home or giving to your coffee-loving friends some Kona coffee. Some of their top sellers include wasabi and spam-flavored macadamia nuts! Koa wood jewelry is gaining popularity right now. All Rights Reserved. Macadamia nuts are hands down the best Hawaiian snacks to bring home. You can also check local grocery stores, Walmart, ABC Stores, and Longs Drugs.

Anytime you visit a new place, coffee is always a great Hawaiian souvenir to bring home to friends and family. Needless to say, they spread a lot of sweet aloha to cookie lovers! The most recognized of these distilleries is Ocean Vodka. Kauais Kloa Rum also produces seven local rums in award-winning Hawaiian flavors, like coconut.

I like to put them inside socks or wrap them in t-shirts to keep them from breaking.

Be sure to check out the local farmers market on whichever island you may be visiting. The toy versions can be found at Walmart, the ABC Store, and basically any tourist shop in Hawaii. Hawaiians like to keep their surfboards local. This family run Hawaii made company started in the North Shore of Oahu with one single product. One of the tastiest things to get from Hawaii is flavored macadamia nuts.

They arent usually expensive, but they are a great keepsake. Kazuma Surfboards, founded by owner and shaper Matt Kazuma, has been making custom surfboards in their Haiku, Maui store for over 25 years. When it comes to gifts from Hawaii, you may be wondering what the most unique gifts out there are.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Then, it was reserved just for the Hawaiian monarchy, making it an elite item.

Boards once weighed over 150 pounds, were 10-16 feet long, and made of solid local wood with no fins.

When you are shopping in Hawaii, there is one thing to keep an eye out for and that is anything unique.

Track down some of the best craftsmen on the islands that work with koa wood products. Its commonly referred to as Peles Curse.

While the most popular Hawaiian souvenirs include ukuleles, macadamia nuts, Hawaiian shirts, and Kona coffee, the best souvenirs are the ones that make you think of how much fun you had on your Hawaiian vacation. These are all great things to bring back from Hawaii. There are dozens of other Hawaiian surfboard brands like Tropix and Hawaii Surf Factory, as well as countless amateur and semi-amateur surfboard shapers.

It doesnt get more traditional than an authentic Hawaiian lei. They sell fresh flower leis at the airport, so its easy to pick one up on your way home.

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