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With a large stock of different product categories and fast delivery, we strive to offer the best possible service to our customers. Bushings are used in conjunction with packing. PS-SEAL's excellent chemical resistance makes it well suited for food and pharma applications, including those where FDA approval is required. This product line includes standard, proprietary and patented high-pressure rotary seal designs and materials to overcome one of industrys most challenging operating conditions of sealing high pressure and dynamic motion of a rotating shaft or bore on rotating equipment. unions passage pnuematic senring

"Your product has performed as advertised and the service by your team has exceeded what was expected. Fda Cfr 21-177.2600 Color: Red Clear Upon Request -13 Deg F To 240 Degree F Hardness 95 & 1-2 Shore A Resistant To: Oil, Petrol, Hot Water, Hot Air, Synthethic And Natives Esters, 83 Spring Lane, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 +1-888-238-SEAL 1-908-852-3125 1-908-852-3425 rrom@sspseals.com. Cons: Leakage is common. Although it may vary depending on the mounting, the side with the spring is usually mounted on the liquid or viscous side (oil, grease, water, etc.). Operating Load: This term refers to the factors that are imposed on the system under dynamic environmental conditions, including internal and external pressures, buoyancy, thermal expansion, contraction, and so on. A key element of power transmission, belts come in many forms and variations.

For more unique requirements, PS-SEAL Special offers sealing options with single and multiple lip assemblies for complex applications. The term stuffing box is a relic of this early sealing method. This will help increase the shelf life of the seal. Bearings can also incorporate a lantern ring into their design, allowing for a flush channel. They are also used to protect bearings. The best way to identify a rotary shaft seal is to measure the assembly: Find your rotary shaft seal on 123Bearing.com, 123Bearing is the reference site for the purchase of. Operating Temperatures: The consideration of the right seal material will be influenced by operating temperatures, among various factors. Seals can be supplied solid for original build and split for field replacement. Exceptionally low power losses. Bearings are manufactured from high compressive strength polymers. Nitrile Rubber (NBR): This is one of the popular materials used for making rotary shaft seals. An engineered packing can be more expensive by the pound, but it lasts longer and saves on downtime and maintenance hours.

Bushings are almost as old as packing. This product is made of an elastomer and a metal structure, which allows it to be waterproof and dustproof. The sealing effect is achieved by preloading the sealing lip making its internal diameter slightly smaller than the shaft diameter. The close clearances throttle the flush down without the need for external flow controls. Many seals can be in the $10s of thousands of dollars per application. Please consult engineeringor call 1-800-283-7140 for advice. PS-SEAL Standard is a Garlock shaft seal consisting of a stainless steel (1.4571) case, a GYLON BLACK seal lip, and a static sealing element made of FKM. All such advice is given and accepted at the buyers risk. There are a few designs of bushings to operate with mechanical seals. Long life with minimal maintenance. Your submission has been received! Must be continuously maintained. We offer a quick search tool if you know your reference number or the measurements of your belt. They are effective for a while, then wear out/compress and need to be replaced. These dimensions are regularly engraved on the seal. Environment: Although designed for harsh operating environments, the seals may not last long if the proper choice isnt made. The following are types of rotary seals that Seal & Design offers: Rotary shaft seals are used between rotating and non-rotating machine components. Using braided packing to seal requires the correct combination of material characteristics depending on the temperature, rotational speed, and medium being sealed. Bushings, such as lantern rings, allowed the ability to transform the dynamics of the stuffing box. Please contactone of our experienced seal engineers to select the best seal for your application.

If the surface finish is too rough or too smooth, this will lead to wear and tear. The joined bearing and lantern ring unit are made from a non-compressible polymer, so once installed, the lantern ring is always aligned. This product line is designed as an exclusion seal to protect the primary seal from contaminants. When choosing packing consider these parameters: Temperature, Speed, pH, Media, and Safety. While mechanical seals, when installed and maintained correctly, create effective seals, they can be problematic because of their inherent complexity and the need to keep the opposing faces perfectly mated and cooled. SSP Seals specializes in rotary shaft seal manufacturing, which serves as the solution for these problems. Below is a list of the 4 more common sealing methods used in rotating shaft sealing. Indeed, these seal models are declined depending on the profile, the dimensions as well as the material in order to answer in an optimal way to the various constraints and applications. Well known for their high-performance braided packing, SealRyt engineered a load-bearing, close clearance polymer that is machined to custom fit each stuffing box. If the shaft seal comes in with dissolvent and acids, then FKM is the right seal material. That's why we hold multiple patents on sealing technology. This is because each manufacturer uses its own part number for these parts. (see the SealRyt ORM). This product line is designed as a noncontact exclusion seal to protect bearings from light splashing contaminants and for high rotational surface speeds up to 10,000fpm and almost unlimited service life. Click here to contact our specialists and learn more about PS-SEAL Special Configuration options. Seals cannot be operated at their upper pressure and speed ratings at the same time. B2-20120091-4. Rotary shaft seals are designed using the following materials: In addition to the above materials, we provide these seals in the following materials: Whether it is rotary shaft seals for oscillating equipment or any other equipment, we can customize them according to your requirements. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Cons: Expensive. It is intended for use by persons having technical skill, at their own discretion and risk. Lubrication: The choice of the correct seal will depend on the type of lubricant media. They are comprised of: Headquarters: Clarence, NY(716) 759-3344Info@SealAndDesign.com, Higbee Division: Syracuse, NY(315) 432-8021HB.Info@SealAndDesign.com, Seal & Design Canada: Toronto, Ontario(416) 741-7005Toll-Free: 1-866-242-3770ca.Gasket@SealAndDesign.com. The material exhibits excellent resistance to alkali, fuel, and oil solutions. 123Bearing is the reference site for the purchase of seals. All Rights Reserved. Bearings work similar to mechanical seals but without the ultra-precise, micron-level clearances. Are you having difficulties in your search? ?results for "?". The edge of the sealing lip and the shaft counterface form the most important functional area of a radial shaft seal. Over the last 30 years, their usage has become a standard procedure for many application maintenance programs. Teflon lantern rings are also easily crushed when doing basic packing maintenance.

Bearings are effective and long-lasting seals, but there are some drawbacks. What are the options for rotating shaft sealing? Bearings rely on close clearances to prevent shaft movement, but that also means they are a snug fit and can be difficult to install or remove without the proper knowledge and tools. Higher pressures and/or speeds result in high thermal and frictional loads acting on the dynamic sealing areas of rotary seals and can lead to premature seal failure. The bearing must fit to work properly, which means the stuffing box needs to be measured accurately (How to Measure). Spring Energized Seals for hydraulic fluid sealing. Modern mechanical seals use ultra-precise, ultra-flat opposing faces, one stationary and one rotating with the shaft. For more complex needs, PS-SEALs can be created based on your specifications. Chesterton, EnviroSeal (SpiralTrac), John Crane, Garlock, SealRyt Corp.. The result is a seal that can withstand pressures up to 50 times that of standard lip seals, surface speeds up to 45 m/s, and temperatures up to 500 F (260C), in both dry and abrasive environments. The lip has a sealing edge which is formed by pressing, cutting or grinding and is normally pressed against the couterface on the shaft with a defined radial force by a garter spring. These materials are comparatively more affordable than other materials on this list. Cons: Does not reduce leakage on its own. Click here to contact our specialists and learn more about PS-SEAL Non-Standard PTFE Rotating Shaft Seals. SealRyt Corp., Chesterton, Garlock, John Crane, Sepco. An additional sealing lip may also be provided to protect the sealing contact proper from dust and other fine solid contaminants. Thank you! The packing should be low friction as it contacts the shaft and be durable to withstand the rotational wear.

Because of their high cost, mechanical seals should last 3 to 5 years between rebuild cycles to fully realize a return on investment. The result is a seal that does not measurably leak. Where others fail, PS-SEALs reliably seal rotating shafts at high circumferential speeds, high pressures, and extreme temperatures. Generic packings generally are utilized in various common applications and in bid situations where low price is considered a requirement. SSP Manufacturing Inc. 2022. The Rotary Shaft Seal is used for excluding dirt, dust, water or other particles, while retaining lubricant in rotary shaft equipment. The garter spring ensures constant force to the shaft, flattening the sealing edge to a defined width. Packing has come a long way from using organic twisted fiber. If the shaft is exposed to irregular forces then seals with a large diameter are preferred. O-Ring Groove design plays an important part in how an o-ring seals. Bearings can be machined with internal channels (patented) to relocate the flush without modification to the stuffing box. A chart listing the most popular compounds and their fluid compatibility / technical information. Many industries rely on old pump equipment that has outdated stuffing box designs. The microscopic gap causes the pumped medium to vaporize as it is moved centripetally to the seal edge. Thus, you must check the manufacturers finish and surface roughness specifications. Bushing material tends to be low durometer materials such as rubber, polyurethane, and other semi-hard plastics such as carbon-filled Teflon. Bushing clearances are much larger to ensure that the part DOES NOT come into contact with rotating shaft. Silicone Rubber (MVQ): The material is usually recommended for low friction applications operated at high temperatures. The varied designs on the market can alter the fluid dynamics inside the stuffing box environment. There is a wide variety of packing styles and configurations, and not all packing is the same. The opposite faces are so precisely paired that they leave a gap measured in microns. FPM: This is the ideal material for applications where high temperatures are involved. These polymers are designed to be chemical and high temperature resistant but carry an ultra-low friction coefficient. Your email will be reviewed within 1 hour and we will respond the same business day. More info, This product line is characterized by seal designs and seal materials that provide low friction, low torque and wear under load, low and/or high temperature (-328F to +500F), dry run and high surface speed capabilities up to 10,000fpm (50m/s)*. Contact with the shaft leads to damage of the bushing material. Low-friction design uses less energy.

The best way to identify a rotary shaft seal is to measure the assembly: diameter of the shaft, diameter of the housing and thickness of the seal. In a standard packing/lantern ring/packing (or 2L3) setup, the packing can push the lantern ring past the flush holes resulting in misalignment and overheating. In this configuration, the packing does the brunt of the fluid sealing. There is a variant of the rotary shaft seal with a spring on each side, which is known as the "CK" type. This product line includes standard and proprietary rotary seal designs and materials which overcome some of industrys most challenging operating conditions for sealing higher pressures and dynamic motion of rotating shafts or bores. These seals prevent the ingress of water and contaminants in hydraulic equipment and rotary components. The sealing lip of elastomer which provides dynamic and static sealing against the shaft. Ethylene-propylene Rubber (EPDM): The seals made of this material offer excellent ozone, sunlight, and heat resistance. First of all, it is important to know that the references on the rotary shaft seals cannot be used effectively to identify them. First of all, it is important to know that the references on the rotary shaft seals cannot be used effectively to identify them. ", "A good product, in the right application, that has served the mill well". (see the SealRyt Diverter). Can reduce flush usage by up to 85%. Results Long-term performance combined with affordability makes this material a common choice for rotary shaft steel. SealRyt Corp. is the industry leader in rotating shaft sealing technology. If needed, we can customize rotary shaft seals to the following specifications. The seals made of fluorinated rubber-like FPM can be operated in temperatures between -20 and 200C (-4 to 392 F). (Note: Ask our engineers about ExtractPRO Technology). American High Performance Seals assumes no obligation or liability for any advice furnished orresults obtained with respect to these products. Our well-equipped facility, field support, R&D, and customer service enable us to meet diverse industry requirements with ease. Bearing systems work in concert with packing or mechanical seals to create a close clearance seal at the bottom of the stuffing box that stabilizes the shaft, then the braided packing is layered into the remaining space and compressed using the gland follower.

Thus, the limits of the seal must be checked. Garlock PS-SEAL Non-Standard Seals are configurable in multiple case sizes with options for both seal lip configurations and materials, offering an economic solution for custom seals. Complicated. Our rotary seals and radial lip seals are designed to seal fluids, gases, oil, grease, oil mist, vacuum or other media on rotating equipment, including rotating or oscillating shafts, rods, tubes or bores. Ensure the specifications comply with industry standards. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the selection of a suitable seal design and appropriate seal material. sales: rrom@sspseals.com Toll Free: +1-888-238-SEAL Request A Quote. Packing that has heat conductivity is a huge plus as well. Data provided are guidelines for ideal operating conditions. If there are chemicals, dust, dirt, or other contaminants present, make it a point to choose the shaft seal, which has a seal lip made of special material. Pros: Minimal leakage. We offer rotary seals specially designed for applications, including: This product line includes standard and special seal designs of rubber with metal insert construction and non-metal construction rotary shaft lip seals with or without a spring. As a custom high volume fabricator, Seal & Design is currently manufacturing large scale productions of disposable medical face shields.

So there are two main differences: clearances and materials. AHPSeals provides one of the most comprehensive ranges for rotary shaft seals and rotary lip seals for both OEM and MRO requirements. It was developed as a means of protecting bearings of rotating shafts. Their ability to seal rotating equipment better than the traditional braided packing methods was evident. It is recommended when the seal must be made between two liquids (oil and oil, water and oil, etc.). Oops! A suitable lubricant in the space between the sealing lip proper (primary lip) and additional (secondary) lip can reduce wear and delay corrosion. A cylindrical outer covering of sheet steel (shell) or elastomer which seals statically against the housing bore to be obtained as well as facilitating proper installation. ", "The PackRyt system works better than every other option that we tried. The sealing effect of the lip can be enhanced by providing the contact area of the lip with hydrodynamic aids which may be designed for single direction operation, or for alternating directions of shaft rotation. The packing gland is then tightened enough to create a seal but allows the shaft to rotate. Xingtai Renlong Rubber Products Co., Ltd. Xingtai Dingtong Rubber And Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Zigong Zhaoqiang Sealing Products Industrial Co., Ltd. Hebei Teyun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Xingtai Honglei Seal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Liuzhou Xiaori Machanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Xingtai Wanmai Machinery Sealing Co., Ltd. Xingtai City TUAN ZHENG Rubber And Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Xingtai Zhenghong Seal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Xingtai Nok-Cn Metal Seal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Ningbo High-Tech Zone Zhonggao Seal Technology Co., Ltd. Hengshui Chuangcheng Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Beike Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. Qinghe Nailawang Automobile Fitting Factory, Guangzhou Zengcheng District Tongteng Construction Machinery Parts Department, Dongguan Jinpeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Xingtai Weiyao Rubber And Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Huaheng Import And Export Co., Ltd. Hebei Zhongnai Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. Henan Huanuo Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd. Dongguan Chengda Rubber&plastic Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei Zhenpeng International Trading Co., Ltd. china mechanical seals of silicon carbide. Today, there are many different types of lip seals. Steel: Stainless steel and carbon steel shows high strength, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Do you need precise documentation? Engineered urethane foam is excellent for absorbing shock. Pros: Creates flush dynamics inside the stuffing box. More advanced packing is designed for specific applications, higher reliability requirements, and a higher predictive quotient. Our customer service team is ready to listen to your needs and identify the right rotary shaft seal for your application. These components are often exposed to contaminants, which affect their performance and service life. Stuffing box mounted bearings were first introduced in the early 2000s when SealRyt patented the PackRyt Bearing System. Rope packing gets its name from jamming rope around a rotating shaft to be sealed. Flexaseal, John Crane, Flowserve, Eagle Burgmann, AES, Chesterton, In some applications that require a mechanical seal on worn equipment, you can install an o-ring mounted bearing to mitigate shaft movement, which can protect the critical seal faces. Shaft Eccentricity: Rotary shaft seals are designed to accept some ranges of shaft deviation from its center. It's the most common rotating shaft sealing method because it's relatively inexpensive and reasonably effective. Can be unreliable in anything-but-perfect conditions. Some applications of our Rotary Shaft Seals that are in successful service include: *Maximum values depend on seal material, seal configuration, media, temperatures, pressures, surface speed, dynamic running surface finish and working environment. This product line is primarily designed to offer easy installation for oil, grease and bearing replacement seals to save on costly equipment disassembly and downtime. The combination of shaft stabilization and close clearance fit provided by the bearing allows the packing to seal effectively and longer than packing alone. Available in a wide variety of standard or custom styles and materials, the PS-SEAL utilizes high-performance GYLON modified PTFE to maintain contact between the seal and shaft. Click here to browse PS-SEAL Standard shaft seals. These seals help retain lubrication on seals and improve the service life of bearing, and contribute to the systems overall performance. Designed for extreme and demanding applications. 'Vendor Managed Inventory' : 'Storefront')}}, KLOZURE Competitor Interchange Cross Reference. Home Product Info Seals Rotary Shaft Seals. For instance, if the seal is to be operated in temperatures above 212 F, you need to use the FKM material. Essentially, packing seals through both friction as well as hydraulic pressure break-down. Bearings stabilize the shaft, reducing runout or wobble, bringing the shaft into concentricity. The versatile design, beneficial features, and custom options allow rotary shaft seals to be used in a variety of industries and applications: Contact us to learn more about rotary shaft seals or call +1-888-238-SEAL to know more about rotary shaft seals or other seals in our inventory. Additionally, bearings can automatically reduce the amount of flush used in the process. Shaft Surface Finish: The performance and shelf life of the seal depend on the surface finish. Not capable of bearing a load. Our engineers have years of experience in the science of sealing. If the shaft seal comes in contact with grease, then NBR is the best choice for the shaft seal. If the shaft seal is operated beyond this condition, it will crush its lip and cause wear and tear. The difference between bearings and bushings is simple: Bearings are designed to bear the load and contact the rotating shaft. What are the different types of rotary shaft seals? Early engineers looked to space packing out into different configurations that resulted in improved performance. Many older OEM pumps have placed the flush inlet close to the bottom of the box, which results in dilution and sealing issues. Great job by everyone at SealRyt. Compounds classified to be hazardous or fugitive emissions typically use double seal technology. The dynamic sealing lip is made of rubber material, available in a wide variety of standard, premium and special material options to meet specific fluid, temperature and other demanding operating requirements.More info. Mechanical seals, invented in the early 1920s, became the go-to rotating shaft sealing method in the 1950s within the oil and gas industry and continued to gain market share through the 1990s, becoming common in most process industries and applications. Packing has been used for centuries, since the first use of rotating equipment as pumps. By moving your flush location, you can reduce water usage that goes directly into the process. Rotary shaft seals are used to seal lubrication fluids in rotating or oscillating parts. {{vm.session.shipTo.lastName}} {{vm.session.shipTo.firstName}}, {{::(vm.currentNavigationMode === 'Vmi' ? That's also why our products last longer, get better results, and simply seal better than any other products available. Bushings allow flush to circulate more freely inside the stuffing box, but they don't limit or regulate flush volume independently. Our rotary seals are classified as outlined below: The primary functions of rotary shaft sealsfor most applications are to retain the bearing lubricant and to avoid leakage that may cause environmental issues, and to enhance the performance and life of the bearing by minimizing dirt, dust, product, moisture and water ingress that leads to damage and premature failure of the bearing and other system components. In order to help you, here is an example of a seal reference at 123Roulement : If not specified, the sealing rings have no direction of rotation (no oil reflux grooves). If you wish to use it across a broad temperature range, say -20 to 250 F, then NBR is the best choice. The portfolio of Garlock PS-SEALs includes standard, non-standard, and special customized seals. Seal & Design is pleased to offer Silicone Engineerings family of high-quality silicone materials and products. HomeProductsApplicationIndustries ServedServicesResources, Pulp and PaperMiningPower GenerationFood and BeverageChemicalRefineries, General Duty PumpsAgitatorsSoot BlowersTurbine PumpsSlurry PumpsOutlet Devices, ContactAboutTestimonialsGet a QuoteFAQPrivacy Policy. We can also guide you step by step to find your belt at the best price among the market's major brands. You will find below the different characteristics of the profiles as well as the different materials. They can easily withstand dissolvent and acids. The utilization of bushings is related to flush control. An 85% reduction in flush usage is common. Mechanical seals are critical to applications in which the pumped medium is considered toxic, corrosive, or explosive. This information, based on our experience, is offered as part of our service to customers. The benefit of combining the lantern ring into the bearing is that it prevents movement. Registers the flush channel with the flush inlet hole. You can therefore use them without worrying about the direction of rotation. Pros: No measurable leakage. A rotary shaft seal is a seal used to seal a rotating shaft. Rotary shaft seals are generally used on the following applications: crankshafts, gearboxes, universal joints, camshafts, wheels, etc.
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